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July 17, 2009

SM Fairview Terminal

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Diagram of SM Terminal during normal days

Diagram of SM Terminal during normal days

Here is a diagram of the SM terminal (click on the thumbnail for a larger picture). The road on the right is the main road, while there is driveway to the left leading into SM waiting area then going out to the main road again. Everyday, buses (big pink rectangles) would pass through the driveway to pick-up passengers (yellow circles) . Common sense will show that this is the right thing to do. Lined-up buses won’t block the main road and people trying to get on the bus will come from the curb. This is important, since buses going into the driveway will have their doors facing the curb, people will not have a hard time alighting. Jeepneys (smaller pink rectangles) will just go to the left side of the main road since people will pass through the rear to alight.

SM terminal, Jul 16 2009.

SM terminal, Jul 16 2009.

July 16, 2009, morning, raining hard.  This is how it looks like (click on the thumbnail for a larger picture).  There were plastic barricades (orange rectangles) blocking the driveway.  The blue shade is flowing water due to the strong rain.  Since the buses cannot enter the driveway, they were forced to just line up along the main road and mix with the jeepneys causing a huge traffic.  And, since the only way to get into the bus was to walk to the right side of the bus, people have to get out of the shade that’s protecting them from the rain, wade through the water (green circles) and pray they won’t get hit by the incoming traffic.  Who the heck thought of putting barricades on the driveway when it was reported just the night before that there was a storm coming? TSIB!
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